Top Spring Break Destinations for College Students in 2016

It's that time of year again for college students. SPRING BREAK. Across America, college students are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the week long break that symbolizes a good time in college. Just like many migratory birds, college students will flock south to warmer climates. The name of the game for college spring breakers is crowded beaches, cheap, and warm. There are many places down south that are "hot" places for college students to go to in 2016. Here at we have compiled a short list of some of these places.

Cancun, Mexico

Although you need a passport to go here, that doesn't stop thousands of college students from converging on the beaches of this resort city to party.

Panama City Beach, Florida

For years college students have flocked to this top spring break destination to relax after a half semester of schoolwork. 

Daytona Beach, Florida

Always one of the more popular spring destinations is Daytona Beach in Florida. This destination is always very busy but you are sure to have a good time here.

 South Padre Island, Texas

 One of the newer destinations in the college spring break circuit. What South Padre Island lacks in age, it more than makes up for in entertainment value.





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