Good and Bad of Attending a Commuter School

Attending a commuter college has its pros and cons. It all depends on what your personality type is and what you are looking for in the college experience. Lets first start with the advantages.

Advantage: You Save Money 

Money controls almost every aspect of your life, whether you like it or not. Living on campus or in a dorm can be VERY expensive. The typical college commuter lives 45 minutes or less away from their college. The only expenses you have are gas money, parking passes, and any wear and tear on your car. 

Disadvantage: You Don't Get Campus Experience 

Don't get me wrong, the whole point of college is to learn and get your degree so you can get a better job. However, another big part of college is moving away from your parents and living on your own. College is a time when you find what person you are and who you can become. You lose a little bit of that college feel if you live off campus.


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