$1000 #FortOnFleek Instagram and Facebook Challenge (Scholarship)

Here at, we strongly support a college education! Where would we be if without college students looking to amp up their dorm room decor? Therefore, we think its important to support students who are building a future based in a college education. In a time when there are more scholarships than ever before, why not take advantage... Today, is proud to announce the $1000 #FortOnFleek Challenge Scholarship! Yes, that's right... Fort. On. Fleek.

You're probably wondering how it works? It's extremely simple and we think you'll have some fun taking part in it too. All you have to do is build a fort out of sheets and blankets (they don't have to be sheets... but it doesn't hurt) and post a picture to Instagram or Facebook. And if you feel the need, you can submit more than one fort! Because really, who doesn't like building a fort?

The team will look over all the decked out forts and choose one winner who will take home $1000. You can even tag your friends in your posts and if one them wins, you will take home $200! Pretty easy, right? To read all the rules and eligibility requirements visit the website here.

The challenge starts today and only lasts until September 1st! So, grab some sheets, pillows, chairs, whatever and go build a fort! Extra points for creativity. The team is very excited to see what you have in store for us.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@DormBedding) for challenge updates and tips! Happy building!


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