Best Snapchat Geofilters: College Edition

Snapchat geofilters swept the nation when they were released last year. Snapchat slowly rolled out the feature to select users and then opened it up to the masses, allowing anyone to submit a geofilter to accompany their favorite locations.

Geofilters are overlaid illustrations that appear on Snapchat user's photos while in a specific location. Users access these filters by swiping across their photo which then appears indicating their location. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of geofilters have been created by users across the entire world. 

In addition to geofilters, the company implemented a college-centric feature called My Campus Story where any student in the area can post a snap to moderated story. This mirrors the personal My Story feature where users can post a collection of photos and videos for a day. Once filtered by an unknown, benevolent Snapchatter, the snaps appear for all of campus to see. While the geofilter for My Campus Story does not change from campus to campus, colleges and universities are beginning to acquire their own unique geofilters.

This is our list of the best Snapchat geofilters on college and university campuses.

1. University of Michigan

Source University of Michigan

UMich has been a pioneer in implementing Snapchat into college campus life. Prior to the release of their geofilter, the administration was a big supporter of My Campus Story. They interacted with students daily, sometimes posing questions and asking students to submit snaps with their answers.

When Snapchat rolled out geofilters, the UMich Snapchat team got together and worked to create the best geofilter possible. They even opened the design possibilities up to students. Today, they offer a wide array of geofilters for the community to snap and post.

2. Boston University

This simple geofilter for Boston University, in Boston, Massachusetts features the university name in school colors red and white. Next to the emblem sits school mascot Rhett the Boston Terrier!

3.  Duke University

Branded with the signature "D" for Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, this college geofilter is full of Duke pride. GO BLUE DEVILS!

4. The Ivy League (Sort Of)

All the Ivy League colleges are now equipped with geofilters (except Yale), but some were a little lackluster. We're looking at you Cornell... It's okay, because these three made up for the rest of the bunch.

We think Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire got it right with their quirky-fun geofilter. Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts made a simplistic and refined choice... even if its snapchatters did not. Finally, Columbia University in New York, New York features their monumental and iconic library. Hopefully the other Ivies can rise to the occasion. Maybe Yale is waiting to shock us all.

This list could go on and on. If your university doesn't have a geofilter yet, get with it and submit one so everyone knows where you go to school!

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