#Fortspiration (6 Forts That Will Make You Reconsider Living in a House)

Outdoor Mystical Fort
In honor of the #FortOnFleek $1000 Challenge, we thought we'd share some #fortspiration to get you on your way to making your fort dreams a reality. For most, fort building is reserved for those rainy days when you can't escape the house but don't want to escape the fun. For others, its a way to turn an afternoon into an adventure in the house. However, we think forts have a home outside of the basement and living room-- OUTSIDE! Check out this mystical outdoor fort made of scarves. Centered in a forest landscape, this fort escape takes you into a bohemian foreign land. We think this would be the perfect addition to any backyard. One days like today (it's currently 80°, sunny, and clear blue skies with the perfect amount of clouds) this is the perfect outdoor activity. And, once you're done, you can cool off in the fort under the shade.

The Dreamer

Dream Outdoor Camping Fort

This is another great choice for the outdoors. This fort building aficionado used a tent to create a starlight nighttime paradise. Is that cheating? Maybe, but it looks great!

Eclectic Fort in an Urban Pad

Eclectic Fort in an Urban Pad
EXPOSED BRICK AND A FORT? This can't be real life. Escape the concrete jungle/city atmosphere and climb into this stylish wonder. This fort grabs styles from all over the world, merging them into a eclectic fort experience. This fort isn't just built, it's lived in and loved by its owner. Can someone say #fortgoals?

Our Paisley Flannel Sheet Set would make the perfect addition to this forts walls. A traditional pattern re-imagined.

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill
This one's pretty self explanatory. You love your room but you need to change it up. You also don't want to unplug from the latest episode of that Netflix show you've been watching all summer... Enter, the Netflix and Chill fort.

It provides all the essential Netflix watching needs as well as room for friends.


Party Fort

Party Fort
You don't bring your fort to the party, your fort brings the party to you.


#FortOnFleek #FortGoals
This one can fit all your Snapchat best friends and accommodate the people with emojis next to your name that you don't understand.


We hope this kit of inspiration gets you on your way to making the #onfleek fort of your dreams. For more information on the $1000 #FortOnFleek Challenge, check out DormBedding.com to see full rules and eligibility.

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