Dining Trends on College Campuses

Food is a great way to create a sense of community. Colleges are starting to realize that they have to provide a top-notch dining facility on campus in order to stay relevant in today's world. Many colleges are in the process of renovating
or building completely new dining halls.The trend not just in college but in society in general is that people like to see their food being prepared. College dining halls often now have more than just warming trays full of mystery meats and rubbery noodles.

You can now watch your burger get grilled right in front of you or you can pick out all the ingredients you want in your saute dish and they will saute it right in front of you. Many colleges also have a "subway" style sandwich line where you tell the person behind the counter what you would like on your sandwich and they make it fresh for you. The idea behind this trend could be transparency. For many decades, Americans really didn't know how they're food was being prepared and now they feel it's great to see how their food is being prepared.

Another dining trend on college campuses is the introduction of more ethnic cuisine. It's not uncommon for a college dining halls to have separate areas for foods from different parts of the world. Mexican, Asian, Italian, and sushi are some of the most common types of food that are making their way into college dining halls across the country.


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  2. A sense of community can be fostered via food. Colleges are beginning to understand that in order to remain competitive in the modern world, they must offer a first-rate eating facility on campus. Many institutions are either remodeling existing dining halls or constructing brand-new ones. People prefer to see their food being prepared, which is a tendency that is not only prevalent at colleges but also in society at large. Nowadays, college dining halls frequently offer more than just warming trays filled with unidentified meats and flimsy noodles.
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